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4 Benefits of Using Unified Communications in Your Business

Along various points of the conversion path, customers now have a variety of ways to communicate with the brand. And, with each interaction, they expect a consistent experience.

But keeping up with all the channels and having separate platforms makes for awkward processes. When you unify all your communications — cloud-based voice, SMS, social, fax, video collaboration, and others — your business reaps benefits such as higher productivity, increased customer engagement, and reduced costs.

Below, our team at KPI Network will go into further detail about how unified communications can have a far-reaching positive impact on your business.

Uniform workflows

With your communications on the same platform, sales and customer service teams don’t have to switch between various applications multiple times a day. The most immediate benefit is that the whole team saves time. In the longer term, working on the same platform enables team members to foster greater collaboration.

Uniform workflows also relieve employees of having to know how to use different platforms.

A more connected and capable remote workforce

The workflow benefits extend to remote team members, who make up a larger section of the workforce today than at any other point. Unified communications free them from needing to be at the desk for certain applications and use cases. Modern UC tools empower team members to engage with customers and colleagues with equal ease and efficiency from anywhere.

This functionality is also useful for on-site employees who are often mobile. For example, an in-field salesperson with several deals in motion might need to visit a few locations in a day while speaking to some prospects electronically. Equipped with a UC platform, they can do so as efficiently as they would in the office.

Enhanced security

Using different communications platforms increases the risks of a breach. Employees need to maintain separate log-in credentials and there are more opportunities for cybercriminals to attempt social engineering attacks.

A centralized platform goes a long way in eliminating this risk. Of course, it’s always crucial to evaluate each vendor’s security posture and breach history before choosing them. But, in general terms, adopting a UC tool is likely to raise your security posture.

Consistent brand experience

Even with all communication channels now available, customers’ expectations of a consistent brand experience haven’t let up. And ensuring that the brand comes across the same way across channels is crucial for maintaining credibility.

However, when customer support and sales employees require several different tools to interact with users and prospects, a consistent brand experience is difficult to manage.

When using the same tool, their ability to offer a seamless brand experience throughout the customer journey is vastly improved.

Reduced overhead

If you’re currently subscribed to different communications platforms, you may find there’s significant overlap between them. And that might mean you’re paying to access the same features twice, while most likely using them on only one of your tools. With a UC tool, you pay for the features you need once and deploy them across all your channels.

Unified communications tools also tend to scale with greater agility. So, there’s more room for you to access only the resources your business needs.

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