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4 Ways Cloud Based Unified Communications Help Businesses

Cloud based unified communications are bringing businesses into the future by offering more flexibility and scalability than traditional systems. Cloud based communications is one of the fastest growing industries, and is currently dominating the communications space by miles. Below we discuss how they are helping business grow, and the reasons why your company should consider switching over. 

What are cloud based unified communications? 

Welcome to the future of your business! Essentially, they are streamlined services with the ability to access and control your entire communications system from a central point. This includes email, phone, text, web conferencing, and fax. Cloud based unified communications do not require businesses to maintain their own network, and conveniently allow for third-party hosting. 

Improved remote work systems. 

Cloud based communications have given companies the freedom to liberate their internal communications from outdated, on-premise systems. During the initial weeks of the COVID-19 breakout, the sustained success of thousands of companies may not have been possible if this technology wasn’t available. The COVID-19 lockdowns fundamentally proved that businesses could still function, and even become more productive with remote work. All thanks to the power of cloud communications. 

Another incredible breakthrough of cloud communications is the ability for companies to hire and attract top talent from all over the globe. For the first time ever, companies can thrive and function perfectly while working in different time zones. This flexibility has given employees more freedom over their work environment, and make it possible to live happier lives while staying productive. 

Lower costs. 

Small businesses and large corporations alike can obviously benefit by saving more money. Cloud communications are hosted off-site, which means businesses are not burdened by on-site maintenance, technical support, or network costs. For the first time ever, small businesses can get the backing of a massive technical support team, at a fraction of the price. 

Cloud based unified communications systems are also significantly easier, faster, and cheaper to set up initially than on-premise systems. This perk allows businesses to save money on their investment, and hit the market much quicker. The majority of systems do not require any up-front costs, and the service provider will handle the entire setup process for you. 

No need to worry about sudden system upgrades or random technology changes.

Cloud communications offer more flexibility in the sense that they will grow with your business. You’ll never have to worry about sudden server updates, or random changes in software. If anything needs to be replaced or updated, it is handled directly by your service provider. 

On the opposite spectrum, traditional on-premise systems burden businesses with costly updates to their technology, software, and server. With cloud based technology, business owners don’t have to worry about this expensive inconvenience anymore. 

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