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5 FAQs You Should Know About SaaS Vendors

In truth, this article covers six frequently asked questions you should know about SaaS vendors, because we're going to start by answering the question of what even is a SaaS vendor. SaaS, or software as a service, vendors provide technology that empowers businesses to do their best work.

It can be customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, streaming services, video conferencing technology, or any other type of software that helps you run your business. Now that we have the first question answered, let's move on to five other frequently asked questions about SaaS vendors.

Common questions SaaS vendors receive.

Who owns my data?

SaaS systems largely rely on cloud technology to power their services, which can cause some unease among certain customers. They worry that since they're relying on the vendor to power the software, the vendor may own the data. However, that's not an accurate assessment. The customer still owns any data stored on the software's cloud storage system. The vendor doesn't share that information with any other party, you can easily export it to an internal storage unit at any time, and you retain full access to your data as long as the account is active.

Is my data safe?

If you follow cybersecurity best practices within your organization, your data will be safe with a SaaS vendor. They always follow the industry's latest protocols, upgrade their security systems when available, and constantly maintain their cloud network. However, you must ensure your team follows the best security practices, such as updating passwords and not opening spam emails, to protect your data.

Can I afford SaaS?

Obviously, every company has its own budgetary restrictions, so there's no single answer to this question. However, when you break it down, the answer is typically yes. If your organization needs the software to continue growing, then SaaS tends to be the more affordable option. The alternative would be to hire a team to develop the software, implement into your business, and continually maintain it. That's more salaries and benefits you have to pay for. With a SaaS vendor, you simply pay a monthly subscription to spread the costs out over time.

The airfocus team in their Hamburg office.

How customizable is SaaS?

It can usually be as customizable as you like. While the vendor will have some best practices for using their software, they understand that you may have unique business needs. The right vendor can tailor their service to better suit your individual needs while providing helpful insights on how you can optimize the experience for your entire team.

What if my needs change?

Then the SaaS can change with you. A significant benefit of SaaS is that it's flexible and scalable. If your daily operations change, then, as mentioned above, you can customize the service to meet your new needs. Plus, if you have a sudden surge in hiring, then you can simply deploy more licenses. It's just another reason SaaS vendors work with companies of all sizes, from small, locally owned companies all the way up through large enterprises.

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