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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Collecting B2B Customer Leads

Generating customer leads is one of the most essential aspects of growing a B2B business. You must constantly search for new potential customers, but that can often be easier said than done. With so many different marketing options, creating an effective marketing campaign can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Since you need those leads to improve your bottom line, you can’t simply ignore marketing entirely. Instead, you can market more efficiently and develop more qualified leads by avoiding these common marketing mistakes.

Common mistakes when collecting customer leads.

Not clearly defining your target audience.

If you want to generate actionable leads, you need to drill down into your target demographic. How you market to individuals should vary based on their lifestyle, gender, and age. Knowing your ideal customer can help you create compelling messaging and dictate the medium you use to find leads. Beyond that, it helps to know where the person is in the buying cycle. Your marketing should change depending on whether this is the first touch point or if they’re further along in the buying journey.

Buying customer leads.

Any number of companies will happily sell you a database of emails and phone numbers of potential clients. While this may seem like an easy way to get leads, it’s not the most effective. These potential customers aren’t familiar with your business, and unsolicited touchpoints can be annoying. If you want real leads, generating them organically through content creation and effective marketing is best.

Creating unhelpful content.

If you want to generate leads organically, it’s helpful to create helpful content for potential customers. SEO blog posts are a fantastic way to improve your search rankings on sites like Google, but only if they’re good content. Mistakes like keyword stuffing – where you use a specific keyword in an unnatural manner – or plagiarizing other content won’t help your rankings. In fact, it can come across as unprofessional and even hurt your company’s reputation. Instead, create content that delivers real value to the reader to help bolster your rankings.

Using a one-size-fits-all lead generation strategy.

To get customer leads that you can convert to real business, you need a multi-pronged marketing approach. Different products or services you offer should have their own unique marketing strategy. That can include different designs and varying the copy to keep it fresh for potential customers. Similarly, use other marketing methods to maintain that top-of-mind awareness you need. Whether it’s social media, physical deliverables, an email campaign, or good old-fashioned cold calling, a mixed strategy tends to be more effective.

Ignoring important metrics.

The data analytics tools available to your company can help fine-tune your marketing strategies. It’s not enough to simply know that 1,000 people received your email blast. You need to know how many of that 1,000 actually opened the email, how many clicked through, and the amount of time spent on your site. These numbers tell the story of the effectiveness of your campaign, and if you use them correctly, you can improve your copy and designs to convert more business.

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