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5 Questions to Ask Potential SaaS Finance Software Vendors

In today's competitive environment, businesses must find any edge they can to give themselves an advantage over other companies within their industry. One way many businesses are doing this is by partnering with SaaS finance software vendors to obtain the latest technology for their team.

Rather than building the infrastructure in-house, you can simply pay a service fee to get leading finance software that bolsters productivity. However, finding the right partner for your needs isn't always easy. To ensure you choose the right vendor for your business, you should always ask the following questions before signing any paperwork.

Helpful questions for your SaaS finance software provider.

What level of security does your application have?

Anytime you partner with a SaaS finance software company, you're entrusting them with valuable data and information, so having the right security protocols in place is paramount.

One sign that your data is secure is when the company can integrate with Single Sign On providers like Okta or OneLogin. You should also ask them if there is automated onboarding and offboarding and whether or not you'll have a multi-factor authentication option to protect against cyber-attacks.

What is your pricing model?

When it comes to SaaS finance software, there are typically one of four ways that the provider will charge your business. They can either do it by the number of users, the level of functionality, the amount of data stored, or the number of transactions.

While each does have its benefits, certain models are likely to be better for your company. Working with a provider that can tailor their pricing structure to your business helps you get the technology you need without overpaying.

What should we expect in terms of ongoing support?

Convincing your team to give up their traditional workflow and adopt a new technology is often an overwhelming and drawn-out process, but it can become much less stressful with the right vendor. Many providers are happy to provide training as part of the implementation of their new application.

It's also helpful to know what level of access your team will have for support after the initial training. Ask if tickets are resolved by the provider's own in-house support team, if there is a 24/7 help desk, and what they expect for you to fix on your own.

Do you hold any external certifications?

Basically any SaaS vendor will state their platform is safe and secure, and yet, we all know that breaches still occur. So rather than simply taking your potential provider's word for it, ask if they hold any credentials from an outside audit.

Cloud vendors and other hosting providers can hire a third party to audit their security protocols, and if they are adequately protecting their clients' data, they can receive a certification such as the ISO 27001, SSAE 16, or PCI DSS. These types of certificates prove that the provider's platform is safe and secure for your company.

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