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5 Tips for Choosing the Right IoT Solutions Provider

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a complex network of interconnected devices that can change the way a company does business. Yet, many companies have hesitations about implementing this technology, mostly because they don’t know which IoT solutions provider to trust with their business-crucial data. We hope to simplify the process and ease your woes with this guideline of what to look for when choosing a company for your needs.

Questions to ask when searching IoT solution providers.

Who exactly implements the solutions?

Different IoT solution providers offer different levels of implementation within your current network framework. Some simply host the service and provide some level of ongoing maintenance and monitoring, but the actual implementation lies on your team’s shoulders. This works for larger organizations that have a built-in IT department. For smaller organizations, though, you might consider a provider who has more full-service offerings, because they can get you set up without taking away from your own team’s productivity.

Do they have experience in your field?

IoT technology has benefits across a multitude of business sectors, but how each sector uses it can vary drastically. If you’re considering implementing it into your business, it helps to partner with a provider who has proven experience in your field. That way, you can have confidence that they know the best ways to help you take advantage of the technology. Don’t hesitate to ask for case studies the provider has of companies they’ve worked with similar to yours for that added peace of mind.

How secure are their services?

A common concern for companies considering an IoT solutions provider is digital security. You’re essentially entrusting a provider with all of your business-sensitive data and technology, so it’s understandable security could be worrisome. However, reputable providers have complex infrastructure designed to protect your data at every point. From the network itself to every end-user device, the right partner will have the ability to clearly demonstrate the efforts they take to secure your data.

Will I need new hardware or software?

Since IoT solutions involve multiple pieces of software and hardware, some companies believe the upfront investment can’t fit their budget. However, if you find the right provider, that shouldn’t be an issue. Solutions exist that can implement various carriers, cellphones, cloud connections, and firmware updates in a single bundle. That means you can enjoy the many benefits of IoT solutions without having to resupply your entire organization.

Can we scale our solutions?

Many companies have constantly changing technological needs. Whether it’s new offerings, refining daily operations, or a growing or shrinking workforce, it’s not uncommon that you’ll have to scale your IoT solutions. The right IoT solutions provider won’t have any issues handling these changing needs for you. They can often implement changes and alter the scale of your solutions over a public cloud, private cloud, or on your business premises. That helps ensure that you won’t overpay for your services, and your business will always have the technology it needs to optimize its productivity.

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