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Improved Audience Acquisition Strategies for Quality Leads

Everything you do in audience acquisition, from marketing to networking events and running social media accounts, drives greater lead generation. But sorting through hundreds of general leads can disrupt your workflow and may not convert nearly as many buyers as starting with a few dozen high-quality leads. Using lead filtering to sort high-quality prospects from general engagement allows you to make the most of your time and audience acquisition strategies.

Focusing marketing on high-quality lead sources

For most businesses, the highest quality leads come from in-person interactions. However, the events of the past year and the growing e-commerce market make more in-person interactions less likely in the future. The second-largest source of potential buyer leads is social media and content marketing.

Chances are, both are already part of your audience acquisition strategy. But if you’re spending valuable company time handling general leads, then you’ll benefit from filtering your online audience acquisition strategies.

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Get metrics for audience acquisition channels

You may see traffic increasing across your website and social media but aren’t getting the expected bumps in high-quality leads. That’s when you’ll need to evaluate the traffic’s quality. Augmenting your online presence with specialized performance tools can provide you with more detailed information than simply how much traffic your site gets.

You can target which visitors will most likely become clients by breaking down traffic by source and gathering site visitor data. Then, develop new campaigns dedicated to a more specific audience.

Specified audience acquisition provides more high-quality leads

Many companies believe that the bigger the audience they present their products and services to, the more leads and business they’ll generate. Targeting small, specific audiences may be counterintuitive and produce fewer leads, but they’ll be of higher quality: less legwork for your team while resulting in more sales.

The great part of online lead generation is that specializing your online presence to specific audiences is cost-effective and straightforward.

Targeting content marketing

Using the metrics you gathered about your current site visitors, identify the best potential buyers. Then, direct your content specifically to those businesses and individuals. Change your content’s tone, style, or subject to better appeal to those you’ve identified as preferred prospects. It may decrease your overall traffic but should increase the high-value leads.

Use location and demographic filters for social media

The marketing campaigns you conduct on social media give you a wide assortment of filters to present your advertising to a particular audience. You’re able to restrict location, demographics, and more to ensure you're putting your products and services in front of the people who will find them the most valuable.

Take advantage of list segmentation to get your message before the audience who will value it the most.

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Create an in-depth conversion process

If all you ask for is your prospects’ name and email address, your sales team may spend hours chasing down general leads that lead nowhere. Instead, ask in-depth questions on your contact page, or ask for a commitment from the prospect before reaching out to contact them.

Your conversion rate may drop, but those who follow through will already be interested in buying, rather than ambivalent prospects that take more time from your sales team.

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