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Expert tips for B2B lead generation in tech

Marketing B2B or, “business to business” products and services is difficult enough without the added complexity of working in the tech space. In-house marketing teams often fail to reach relevant companies or simply miss the mark with their advertising campaigns.

An effective marketing strategy is one of the keys to success for any business. Understanding your target market and how best to convey your offerings to your audience can significantly drive up sales, improve your company reputation, and increase brand awareness.

At The KPI Network, we utilize our extensive background in B2B operations to bring these businesses effective marketing solutions. The following are a list of our top marketing tips that B2B companies in the tech industry should use to generate leads.

Identify your target audience

Like any well thought-out marketing campaign, effective B2B lead generation starts with identifying your target audience. This process does however, differ from business to consumer models in that your prospective clients are other businesses. The key then, is for tech companies to determine which types of businesses would benefit from their technology. The more specific you are with the companies you wish to work with, the easier it will be to create enticing marketing campaigns and reach businesses that could use your technology to solve internal problems. For tech companies, it is also important to identify businesses that will be able to seamlessly integrate the technology into their current system.

Provide whitepapers

One of the great advantages of operating a B2B organization is that you have the opportunity to create in-depth whitepapers that will be read in full, by prospective clients. Unlike business to consumer marketing, where companies are restricted to brief, eye-catching marketing strategies, those looking for B2B products and services are typically willing to read detailed, long-form content before making a purchase. This is often the case with tech companies, as clients tend to research the software, security protocols, data storage, and many other factors to ensure a successful implementation of the new technology. By drafting extensive whitepapers, B2B tech companies can engage prospective clients and familiarize them with the product or service before they even speak to a sales team member.

Implement a strong SEO marketing strategy

Search engine optimization has transformed the world of marketing by directly targeting potential leads based on their search patterns. All online materials, including the copy on a business’s website should be optimized using relevant keywords. This starts by researching the top keywords that your target audience is searching for, and subsequently integrating them into social media marketing campaigns, website copy, case studies, and other materials. Furthermore, using an analytics program will help track B2B lead generation in real time, making it possible to reassess keyword optimization as needed.

Gather contact information

When generating leads for your B2B tech company, it is important to gather contact information on as many platforms as possible so that you can follow up with interested businesses. Contact forms can be integrated into your website, as well as your advertisements. By analyzing the businesses that take the time to fill out contact forms, B2B companies can find out which types of organizations are interested in working with them. This valuable information should inform future marketing efforts by identifying the businesses that should be provided with further information regarding products and services.

Do you own a B2B company in the tech space? At The KPI Network, our mission is to find effective solutions for B2B companies, which optimize their marketing strategies and in turn, increase B2B lead generation. Contact us today to find out more about how our services can help your business thrive.