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How to Communicate Your Marketing Team’s Needs to IoT Platform Vendors

As your B2B company begins searching for the right IoT platform vendors, it’s helpful to understand precisely how your internal teams will use the IoT. That way, you can be certain a vendor’s offer will fulfill your unique needs.

What is the IoT?

The IoT is an all-encompassing term that refers to the connectivity of physical devices like smartphones and computers to software programs or other devices that all communicate via the internet.

Today, it’s more likely than not that you have more than one IoT device in your home. Businesses —especially those in the B2B industry—are increasingly using the IoT to improve their products or services, connect better with their customers, and help their teams be more productive.

How Does Your Marketing Team Benefit from IoT?

While all B2B companies can greatly benefit from the IoT, B2B marketing teams may benefit the most. Whether you’re primarily looking to boost your account-based marketing, lead generation, or cold outreach, the IoT offers numerous benefits to today’s B2B marketing industry. The key to choosing a reputable IoT platform vendor for your business lies in understanding exactly what those benefits are.

1. Data is Everything

In our hyper-connected world, it should be no surprise that customer data is helpful for both businesses, and people. And in B2B marketing, data really is everything.

From improving existing customer’s experiences with your business’s products or services, to enhancing your lead generation efforts — the data gleaned from IoT devices allows your marketing team to accelerate its effectiveness.

Before linking up with an IoT platform vendor, be certain that the vendor understands how your marketing team uses data and how data is collected on the vendor’s platform. Also be sure to learn how their platform will enhance your marketing team’s productivity.

2. Content Marketing — Learn How to Cut Through the Noise

Content marketing is an increasingly saturated lead gen channel in the B2B space. But with the data provided from IoT devices, your marketing team can hone in on the content that truly provides value to your ideal audience.

For example, location data allows content marketers to better understand what type of content is most relevant to your geographical location. So, instead of creating content that could be relevant to a large number of customers around the world, the IoT creates an opportunity to create location-relevant content that encourages local customers to engage with your business.

3. Building Better Client Relationships

As mentioned above, the biggest benefit from the IoT is the customer or client insights. With the IoT, your marketers can gain a stronger understanding of your clients and their pain points — and then use that information to more effectively communicate with them.

Whether that be through creating social ads or email marketing, every B2B business can benefit from learning more about their ideal clients. In fact, whether your B2B marketing team is hoping to acquire more clients or improve retention with existing clients, data from IoT platforms will help your business offer better customer service.

You’ll also be able to tailor your services to your clients’ exact needs more frequently, increasing the likelihood that a client chooses to renew their contracts with you again and again.

Looking for the Right IoT Platform Vendors for Your B2B Marketing Team?

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