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Guide to content marketing for SaaS hosting providers

Content marketing is essential to every industry, however it holds a particularly high level of importance for SaaS hosting providers. Without the right content marketing strategies in place, it can be difficult to communicate your software applications to potential customers and build a positive reputation among companies that require hosting services. Unfortunately, many SaaS hosting providers do not have strong internal marketing teams, and therefore miss out on excellent sales opportunities.

At KPI network, our knowledgeable team has assisted countless SaaS hosting companies in the development of effective marketing campaigns by offering a range of customizable services. Below we have provided a list of techniques that you can deploy in order to create more conversions and grow your business.

Practice strategic marketing with search engine optimization

Many SaaS companies lack the expertise to know exactly what to look for in a software hosting service. This makes it difficult to know exactly what potential customers are looking up when they use search engines to explore various SaaS hosting platforms. For this reason, it is crucial to perform in-depth keyword analyses and find out what SEO techniques the most successful SaaS companies are using to reach their clientele. Hiring a professional service that specializes in this area is a great way to ensure you are producing a high volume of marketing opportunities for your business. Lead generation techniques can then reveal how your SEO content is performing and gauge the overall quality of professional SEO services.

Differentiate yourself

SaaS companies have more competition than ever before, which is why it is crucial to emphasize the elements of your service that make it unique, and explain how your company addresses problems that your competitors do not. Prospective customers do not always know what specific functions they should be looking for in order to secure their data or operate their business in the most efficient way. By presenting your audience with the differentiators that make your SaaS hosting service user-friendly, faster, and more secure than other options, you can educate potential clients while positioning yourself as a disruptor in the SaaS hosting industry.

Make your technology easy to understand

As previously mentioned, most software companies rely on SaaS hosting providers to educate them on how these services work, and how to choose the best technology for their company. Therefore, when content marketing, it is important to explain how your service works in a way that is accessible for all. Including graphics and basic explanations of how your cloud-based system works will make it more attractive to business leaders. The easier it is for companies to understand what exactly it is they are paying for and how it benefits them, the more likely they are to opt for your service.

List notable clients as a point of reference

Do you currently provide SaaS hosting services for several reputable organizations? For your audience to understand the benefits of your hosting service and how it can help them, it may be useful to provide a list of past and present customers that you have worked with. This can be done by writing thorough case studies for prospective clients to read on your website, releasing in-depth interviews with satisfied customers, or by simply highlighting businesses that you have worked with in your advertisements. By doing this, emerging software companies with similar operations as your previous clients will undoubtedly turn to your hosting service as a viable option.

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