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How to create a management system for your customer leads

Customer leads are invaluable and represent an incalculable opportunity for you and your organization. However, it is essential to understand how to manage them to optimize your strategies and campaigns. Otherwise, you risk allocating resources and time to the wrong customers, which wastes money and squanders opportunities to capitalize.

Here is how to create a customer lead management system:

​​Define goals and what a lead is

When managing customer leads, you must understand your goals. Define them and be as specific as possible.

For example, are your goals increasing engagement or increasing sales? These are important questions to answer. Also, when defining your goals, take time to understand what constitutes a qualified lead for your business.

Establishing criteria will ensure you target and build the right relationships with the right customers.

Map the customer journey

Mapping out the sales cycle and customer journey is important to understand what happens to customer leads. This journey is the culmination of all interactions prospective customers have with your organization, from discovery to conversion.

Ultimately, understanding the customer journey enables you to improve, strategize, and understand where leads are in the sales funnel.

Capture leads

Also, determine how to capture leads. Several digital channels are at your disposal, like email, social media, and paid ads. Effective lead management solutions ensure each lead enters from the appropriate channels and none fall through the cracks of your sales funnel.

Track leads

Establish a system for tracking customer leads. Understanding where different customers are in channels enables you to understand how lead generation is performing.

Use the right metrics to track and score leads that relate directly to your goals to make adjustments and refine your strategies. Ultimately, this requires understanding each lead’s profile using publicly available information, like location, time zone, social media, and job title.

This aspect is lead enrichment, and it’s essential for tracking leads because it offers context when personalizing sales efforts and crafting campaigns.

Qualify and distribute leads

You also must qualify, score, and distribute customer leads. Establishing a scoring system enables you to know how likely they are to purchase a product or service, which requires understanding their behavior and analyzing their digital footprint.

Essentially, this helps determine how sales-ready they are, which dictates how much time and resources you should allocate to each lead. Establish a contact scoring model based on each lead’s interest in your business, demographic information, buying journey, and engagement with your company.

Qualifying leads enables you to prioritize. Afterward, distribute each one to the right sales representative.

Follow-up and nurture leads

Lastly, follow up and nurture each lead for conversions. Establishing a strategy for engaging clients at specific phases of the customer journey is critical. Educate customer leads and demonstrate the value of your product or service.

For example, if they are learning about your company, acquire their email address to send cursory details about how your service or product can solve their problem. Establish strategies for each stage, and ensure sales and marketing people are continuously acting at the most opportune moment to build trust.

Ultimately, nurture campaigns maintain interest and encourage engagement until they become loyal customers.

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