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The most effective marketing strategies for SaaS vendors

SaaS vendors operate in a competitive marketplace. With so much software available, getting the right eyes on your product to demonstrate its value is difficult. Fortunately, in the age of digital marketing, there are innumerable strategies at your disposal to maximize your reach and growth.

Here are the most effective advertising strategies for SaaS companies:

Content marketing

For SaaS vendors, content marketing is essential, especially blog posts. Still, content marketing refers to all web content, from landing pages to visual content.

Content marketing generates quality leads and has a compounding power of return, so its value increases over time. However, you must consistently create quality, relevant, engaging, and brand-driven content that provides genuine value designed for your target audience.

Choose topics that align with your target demographic’s interests and understand what questions customers are asking, the problems they are facing, and where customers enter from your sales funnel to have the right content available. Promote content through social media and other channels, and generate backlinks for content to rank.


SEO is another unrivaled marketing strategy for SaaS vendors. Optimize your entire website to drive organic traffic. SEO is a long game that increases rankings into the top spots of Google search engine results pages (SERPs) down the road. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic you will see.

Effective SEO strategies require understanding your primary audience, researching keywords, and integrating them into all content and meta-data. Internal linking and backlinks are also critical to ranking. Always ensure you use the correct keywords, long-tail keywords, and variations. Ultimately, effective content marketing requires effective SEO, so they are inseparable.


PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are also essential advertising strategies for SaaS vendors. In PPC models, vendors pay publishers or search engines each time users click their ad.

PPC campaigns get your service in front of your target audience more efficiently through paid media. PPC campaigns also provide a higher ROI and enable you to spend more time on your software and less on marketing. Still, your PPC efforts should feed off your SEO efforts.

Ensure your SEO strategies support reaching top SERPs rankings for the best performing PPC keywords and phrases. PPC enables you to create targeted ads designed for users who are most likely to convert. Also, ensure your links take customers to the right landing pages. Where SEO is the long game, PPC achieves quick results.

Free trials

For SaaS vendors, free trials and ‘freemium’ models should be non-negotiable to maximize customer acquisition. Free trials offer access to your product for a limited time.

‘Freemium’ models, however, offer a free version of your product forever with the caveat that they must pay for premium features. Once people start using your product and recognizing the value it adds, it is far easier to persuade them to convert to paying customers.

Tech-savvy audiences prefer to experience a product as opposed to speaking with a sales representative. Still, this requires optimizing the experience, which is an opportunity to showcase your customer service. Your free trial should include onboarding and support.

Typically, a customer willing to try a free trial is willing to buy. For SaaS businesses, there is often little to no cost in offering free trials, so there is little to lose.

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