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Essential enterprise cybersecurity products for your company

Technology is integral to modern business. While technology provides innumerable benefits, it also poses severe risks to your company, employees, and clients. That’s why enterprise cybersecurity products are essential. At KPI Network, we’ve worked with many reputable organizations since 2008 to pair them with tailored cybersecurity products. We’ve helped companies across several industries and diverse markets find the cybersecurity products needed to prosper.

Here are essential cybersecurity products for your company:

Network security

When considering enterprise cybersecurity products for your organization, network security is essential. Network security protects computers from malicious actors and devastating malware.

The Internet has a wide array of networks connected to various websites, and this is often a key entry point for unauthorized intruders to target your organization. Plus, most websites contain third-party cookies, which track user activities.

While cookies can be beneficial to organizational expansion, this often results in customers falling victim to fraud or even sexual exploitation, which ruins your reputation. To defend your network, a security program is critical to overseeing the internal network and infrastructure.

However, network security also requires continual updates through policies that counter cyber-attacks and prevent the unauthorized access, modification, and exploitation of your network. The most common cybersecurity methods to upgrade security include:

  • Extra logins
  • New passwords
  • Application security
  • Monitored Internet access

If you’re unsure what enterprise cybersecurity products your organization needs, at KPI, we can find the perfect solution catered to your unique demands.

Cloud security

Another crucial consideration when choosing enterprise cybersecurity products for your business is cloud security.

Cloud security is software-based and defends and monitors the data in your cloud resources. Cloud providers are continuously inventing and integrating new security tools and measures to help business users better secure their data.

In the modern world, collecting data and using artificial intelligence is unavoidable. It increases efficiency, is more cost-efficient, optimizes the customer experience, and it’s a crucial aspect of business growth.

However, this requires gathering an abundance of data at each phase of organizational development, and it’s nearly impossible to store this data in a physical form that’s convenient and reliable. This demand makes cloud computing an essential component of conducting business.

This data is typically unstructured and pulled from unknown sources, which poses a serious network threat. A cloud computing platform that enables users to store and oversee data through cloud security protects your business, minimizes expenses, and maximizes success.

If you’re unsure what cybersecurity products your business needs for cloud computing, at KPI, we’ll find an unmatched, tailored solution that accommodates all your individuating needs.

Application security

Applications are ubiquitous. While they offer innumerable benefits, they also present myriad risks. Every organization relies on applications, and that’s why application security is essential to consider when deciding on enterprise cybersecurity products.

Applications include hardware, software, and devices, rendering them susceptible to cyber-attacks and malware, just like networks. Application security counters cybersecurity encroachments via hardware and software methods at a project’s development phase.

Utilizing an application security network, businesses can identify sensitive datasets and secure them with specific applications to manage them. Examples of application security include:

  • Anti-virus programs
  • Firewalls
  • Encryption Programs
  • Spyware

Ultimately, over networks, applications are much easier to access, and application security prevents unauthorized access to protect your business, employees, and customers.

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