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How to expand the audience of your UCaaS company

In the past several years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced business owners spanning a variety of different industries to move their internal communications online. This has produced several positive outcomes such as pushing companies to explore remote work opportunities and improving professional relationships by way of UCaaS platforms.

With the recent surge of unified communications companies, this space is becoming highly competitive. For companies to succeed, it is essential to cultivate a wide audience. Regardless of the quality of their offerings, unified communications companies must allocate time and resources to marketing solutions that will attract new clients.

Are you looking for a way to take your unified communications company to new heights? Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to expand your audience from our UCaaS experts at KPI Network.

Collect meaningful data

When it comes to marketing, knowledge is power. The more information you have regarding the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and the audience that is responding to them, the easier it will be to create conversions. Lead generation is a valuable tool that can be used to gather information. This service identifies market-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads - that is, prospective clients who have reviewed your product and those who have gone a step further to contemplate making a purchase. By tracking how far prospective clients make it through the sales process, unified communications companies can better understand which industries are most likely to produce conversions. We recommend hiring a service to acquire, verify, and clean your data so that you can reveal any untapped markets that may be worth exploring through future marketing efforts.

Create strategic marketing campaigns

The purpose of business-to-business marketing differs from that of business-to-consumer campaigns in many ways. B2B marketing campaigns must be extremely deliberate, informative, and promote features that are likely to be of interest to specific organizations. This is particularly important for UCaaS companies, as many of these platforms are geared towards individuals who are looking to connect socially, rather than professional teams. It is therefore crucial for unified communications companies to present their offerings as enterprise-friendly in order to engage organizational leaders that are in the market for a new UCaaS platform. Business owners look for features such as data security, time zone adaptation, breakout rooms, and other capabilities which may not necessarily be of interest to other audiences. By emphasizing the ways in which your UCaaS supports the needs of large-scale organizations, this will create a larger pool of potential clients.

Target specific industries

Once you have collected data and identified your audience, the next step is to approach the types of clients that have shown the most interest in your offerings. This can be done by identifying trends within your data. This will help you create relevant case studies, advertisements, and follow-up correspondence with market-qualified leads. Unified communications companies can take this a step further by developing new functions within their platforms, based on the industries which these applications may be of use to. For example, if educational institutions are engaging with your marketing content, it may be worth developing new technology within your UCaaS, which caters to the needs of educators. In this case, a feature which may be of value to clients is a presentation mode, where teachers can ensure they are the only participant with microphone access for a certain amount of time, and can display their presentation alongside themselves in the form of a split screen.

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