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Tips for Finding B2B Lead Generation Companies for Your Tech Startup

Lead generation companies for B2B businesses can execute several lead generation activities your marketing and sales team typically handle.

What Do B2B Lead Generation Companies Do?

When you partner with a B2B lead generation company, you’re essentially outsourcing some of your lead generation efforts to an external business that specializes in B2B lead gen.

As you can imagine, outsourcing some of your lead generation can be very beneficial for your costs, and for your internal team’s productivity.

Outsourcing lead generation efforts is especially helpful if:

  • You have a small internal team that doesn’t have the bandwidth to fully commit to lead gen
  • Your resources are limited so you’re unable to hire experienced marketers or sales leaders
  • You’d prefer to dedicate your teams’ time to a specific lead generation channel, but still want a steady stream of leads from other channels
  • You’re seeking more leads faster
  • You want to generate and qualify leads more accurately or often

How Do B2B Lead Generation Companies Benefit Your Tech Startup?

So how exactly could your tech startup benefit from a B2B lead generation company? Most importantly, generating quality leads in the B2B industry is often synonymous with company growth and revenue. Here are all the benefits of outsourcing your B2B lead gen that contribute to that goal.

1. Allow Your Marketing and Sales Team to Focus On Other Objectives

Lead generation is a never ending, time-consuming activity that often requires a multifaceted approach. From content marketing for brand awareness to email marketing for nurturing leads — the time and effort put into generating leads can be significant. Not to mention all the time spent prospecting leads and managing leads with your CRM.

Outsourcing some of your lead generation efforts can allow your internal teams to better focus on their strengths and the marketing channels that matter most. Whether that be optimizing your sales funnels or perfecting your sales pitches, more time on their schedule allows your team to focus on quality over quantity.

2. Cost Effective

Outsourcing your lead gen can be more cost effective than hiring more full-time team members. For example, building an email list can take a lot of time, effort, and resources. But a lead generation company likely already has lists built with prospects relevant to your offer. And, these companies manage these lists as well.

So, instead of needing to take up even more of your current team members’ time or expend resources on hiring someone full-time, you can save both time and money with B2B lead gen companies.

Things to Consider When Vetting B2B Lead Generation Companies

Before choosing to partner with a B2B lead generation company, there are several factors to consider.

  • Consider your needs: What problems do you keep running into that you’d like a lead gen company to help resolve? What are your goals with a B2B lead generation company? Think about your exact needs and goals so you can find a business partner that you can trust to help you fulfill these needs.
  • Data collection methods: How does the company collect and use customer data? Make sure you understand their data collection methods first so you can be sure the data they provide will be relevant to your tech startup.
  • Past performance & customer service: This may go without saying, but get clear on the customer service offered. Do you feel like you can confidently rely on the business to meet your needs? Are they easy to get into contact with? As you’ll likely be working closely with a B2B lead generation company, be certain it’s a good partnership before signing a company on.

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