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KPI Network’s guide to B2B demand generation

As a business, marketing to other companies is often more difficult than marketing to consumers. Still, effectively creating demand for your services is essential for your business to grow and succeed. Fortunately, at KPI Network, we are here to help with B2B demand generation. Since 2008, we have connected marketing business leaders with technology solutions vendors to help them reach new heights. More importantly, we facilitate conference calls, meetings, and other interactions to see where they might align so they can succeed together.

Here is our guide to B2B demand generation:


B2B demand generation requires reaching out to new customers. However, to generate demand from these efforts, messaging is key. Clear messaging enables users to know who you are, what you do, and why they should choose your B2B services.

To optimize messaging, you first need to identify the unique selling point (USP) that distinguishes your services from the rest. What do you do differently, and what sets your company and service apart? Secondly, target the customer’s pain points.

Understanding your buyer is critical to generating B2B demand. Determine what their biggest problem in business is and how you can remediate it. To determine pain points, utilize things like customer surveys, social media polls, focus group studies, and keyword research.

When you know their pain points, ensure your messaging and services revolve around resolving these issues on your website and social media channels, and ensure your sales and marketing teams emphasize them.

Free, useful content

Providing free and valuable content is an excellent tactic for B2B demand generation. Free content encourages and nurtures a customer journey and ensures it starts positively.

Ultimately, free audience-specific content enables you to establish your business as an authority, which builds credibility and creates B2B demand. However, make sure your content is SEO optimized.

93% of B2B buying processes begin with online searches, so leveraging SEO and other content marketing tactics is critical. Valuable content should be on every page of your website to ensure customers receive useful information whenever they arrive.

Blog posts are especially crucial to building B2B demand. In blog posts, do not focus on marketing your product or service too much. Instead, help your target audience with valuable, useful content to establish your company as an authority.

Free offers, resources, and premium tools

Providing your most valuable offers, resources, and a premium tool free of cost is essential to effective B2B demand generation.

Ultimately, hoarding your best information does more harm than good. Curiosity doesn’t convert customers in B2B marketing because people looking for B2B services don’t make emotional decisions. Always provide your most valuable offer when reaching out.

If you give prospective customers the best, they will likely ask for more. Whether you provide this offer in an eBook, white paper, or even a free promotion, the benefits are undeniable for your business and its brand. Also, giving away a premium tool is essential.

Providing value to customers makes them more likely to do business with you. However, giving away a premium tool often requires developing a quality tool for your business and giving it away without asking for money or contact information. Still, it is one of the most effective tools in demand generation.

Also, providing resources is essential, like in-depth guides, webinars, YouTube videos, book chapters, or even tutorials.

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If you are interested in B2B demand generation, at KPI, we can connect you with specialists who can help build demand for your services. Since 2008, we have helped many F1000 and emerging technology and business service companies succeed by finding the best solutions for their unique, organizational needs. View available offers now!