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How to Build a B2B Contact List for Your Company

Targeted content is the holy grail for email marketing because it works. A stellar email in the wrong inbox might as well be blank. A lame email with one line that advertises exactly what your contact needs could be gold in the right hands. Emails and contacts should be symbiotic – when they work together, both should end up better than they started. Otherwise, you’re wasting both your and your customers' time.

Unfortunately, even the best emails will land in the wrong place. Contacts may change, companies merge, and eventually, you’ll get emails bouncing back. So now, along with the unicorn expectation of crafting engaging, conversion-spurring emails that are always in the right inbox, you’re tasked with keeping a list of “live” B2B contacts. How does one build a list of current customers and spark engagement with deliverable, convertible email content?

In a word: collect. Collect, collect, collect. Make entering email address information easy and enticing on your website to build your email list into a compilation of interested, engaged potential clients. This list-building exercise will help you gather reliable, meaningful data. Beyond the data, though, it will build you a loyal, interested B2B contact list that is motivated to engage with your company.

Why Don’t We Just Buy B2B Contacts?

You can buy an email list - we could link to services now. But what is the point of having hundreds of contacts that aren’t buying what you’re selling? There is always a Real Person reading your emails, and Real People don’t like content that isn’t considerate and targeted. Real People ESPECIALLY don't like content they didn’t consent to receive. Purchasing contacts isn’t sustainable, profitable, or wise. Skip it.

So what is the best way to build a B2B contact list? Simply follow these 5 steps for B2B contacts that are worth engaging.

5 Steps to Building a Quality B2B Email Contact List

  • Keep It Tidy

After you collect, collect, collect, you have to manage, manage, manage! Maintain a schedule of regular auditing based on your data engagement. Good leads get lost in the weeds if your B2B contact list isn’t well organized. Cleansing your database can be done in-house or through a service. It doesn’t matter who does it, but make sure you have a dedicated workforce to keep that list tight and up-to-date.

  • Make It Easy

When customers take the time to share their email addresses on a website, they do it because they appreciate your service. Incentivize subscribing by offering early access and discounts. Don’t make it hard to subscribe to exclusive content or get special offers. Put subscription boxes front and center, and make sure they’re plentiful. Your contact list will thank you.

  • Create Scarcity

“Hello, customer! Like our brand or product? Well, lucky for you, our most sought-after content is available to our loyal consumers for free! All it takes is one measly email address for you to access the full measure of our exclusive materials. Here is a subscription box! Type in your info, and we’ll let you right in.”

Selectively gate-keeping some material for consumers who opt-in creates high demand. Your supply of customers will rise to meet it.

  • Kick It Old School

People still carry business cards because they hope to make in-person connections. Take any opportunity to pass out your card in exchange for another. Personal relationships will always trump digital ones, especially relationships that end up with emails from a new business contact. We may be creatures of the digital age, but humans are still humans, and we crave real-life connections. Use that to your advantage.

  • Professionals Exist for a Reason

Hiring a data provider is different than buying an email list. Data providers can take existing B2B data and make it fruitful. Analyzing your database and building email lists that match your best buyers can help you populate your B2B contact list with people interested in interacting with your business.

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