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How to Set your IoT Platform Apart from Other Vendors

The Internet of Things (IoT) endeavors to connect devices remotely to provide seamless functions and ease of operations. An IoT platform is meant to bridge the gap between device sensors and data networks by offering insight into the data used in the backend application. It involves several components that allow developers to secure connectivity and applications, collect data, and carry out sensor management.

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Here’s how you can set your IoT platform apart from other vendors.

Technical Characteristics to Set Your IoT Platform Apart from Vendors

There are several things you should consider when differentiating your IoT platform from vendors.

  • Scalability: All state-of-the-art IoT platforms ensure scalability across several endpoints necessary to the client. This capability is usually taken for granted when dealing with public cloud deployments. It’s essential to put scalability to the test with on-premises deployment since storage space could be limited.
  • Data security: This important technical characteristic is essential for differentiating your IoT platform from vendors. It should involve encryption, flexible deployment, and identity management. Consider end-to-end data flow encryption, including the private cloud structure for sensitive data, device authentication, data at rest, and user access rights management to avoid compromising breaches to your IoT platform.
  • Ease of use: A solid and beneficial IoT platform should have flexible API integration and simple source code management.
  • Customization: A crucial way to set yourself apart from other vendors is the customizability of your IoT platform. Determining the speed of delivery is vital as it closely relates to the flexibility of API integration, source code transparency, and coupling of the platform’s components. Rapidly evolving IoT ecosystems should give developers the chance to customize and have control over the entire system, including its source code, integration interfaces, deployment options, data schemes, and connectivity.

One reason to focus on implementing technical characteristics to set yourself apart is that the best IoT platforms allow users/developers to add industry-specific components and third-party applications. Without this flexibility, a business could bear additional costs and delay the solution delivery indefinitely.

Consider What Your Buyers Want

A great way to set your IoT platform apart from vendors is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. While this is very cliché, it will give you a different perspective of what you can include in your IoT platform to help set it apart.

Here are some things worth considering:

  • Your price and pricing model. Some IoT platform developers use the paid-on-delivery model, while others use a subscription model with a fixed monthly fee. Which do you think your buyers would prefer?
  • Availability of free services. Could you offer free services to your clients for your IoT platform? Consider giving them a taste of what you offer, and it will leave them on the hook for wanting more.
  • Showcase your experience. You can show off your developer’s skills by providing unique offerings for the IoT platform. Think about select tools and services your purchasers would want to see.

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