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Overview of the Three Main Functions of UCaaS

Unified communications as a service or, ‘UCaaS,’ has been adopted by many businesses as a reliable, cost-effective mode of communication between professional teams. These services have become especially useful in the age of COVID-19, where many operations had to move from in person to online. Despite this growth in popularity however, many business owners do not have an adequate understanding of the main functions of UCaaS.

At The KPI Network, we specialize in UCaaS, and strive to help businesses reach their full potential by facilitating communication between staff, investors, and clientele. In the past few years, software categorized as unified communications as a service has proven to be an excellent business resource across a variety of different industries.

While UCaaS has many advantages for business owners, we have identified three of the main functions that these services have to offer. Continue reading to learn exactly what unified communications as a service is used for.


As multi-faceted communications platforms, UCaaS businesses facilitate a high level of collaboration between professional teams. These programs consolidate several modes of communication including videoconferencing, online chats, and voice calls all into one place. Highly centralized, user-friendly services such as these encourage professional teams to work collaboratively on projects, and improve interprofessional relationships in the process. Maintaining an open dialogue is one of the ways in which a strong company culture is formed. By working together towards a common goal, many organizations report an increase in sales, and overall productivity. Collaborating on projects via UCaaS platforms on a regular basis can also help to keep employees accountable and on task even while working from home.

Secure data storage

One of the primary concerns for companies hiring third-party tech companies to help conduct business operations is ensuring that all company data will be secure. Established UCaaS platforms such as Zoom and Teams guarantee highly secure communications and data storage. By storing all data in one place, these service providers can use measures such as encryption and physical security to guarantee the privacy of users. This is crucial for companies that share sensitive information during online meetings or other communications. By using a cloud system, data is not only secure, but it is also backed up to prevent the loss of critical information. Organizations that choose to build their own in-house communications platform often fail to secure their network properly, leading to devastating consequences for staff, clients, and other invested parties. Opting for a UCaaS is therefore a more reliable option for most businesses that require a high level of security.


One of the reasons why unified communications as a service has become so popular among businesses is because these platforms enable organizations to expand, easily connect with investors, and consult with clients across the globe. It is extremely difficult to build a communications platform that securely transfers data between international servers. This is where third-party services are extremely useful for growing businesses that are looking to network with business partners and clients on a global scale. Additionally, these services make it incredibly easy to onboard new staff members, or remove them from inter-company communications as necessary. Whether you are looking for a customizable UCaaS that can be directly integrated into your current site architecture, or a general service that can be accessed by all organizations, unified communications as a service offers the utmost flexibility, and can therefore be tailored to the needs of your organization.

UCaaS has something to offer businesses of all kinds, and scales. Contact us today to find out more about our proven solutions, and how UCaaS has improved business operations for our clients.