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Top enterprise AI application marketing techniques

Enterprise AI applications use complex algorithms to perform business processes without human intervention. Artificial intelligence is not just a trend. It has become integral to marketing, customer relationship management, analytics, and record-keeping for corporations and small businesses.

Why do companies want to deploy enterprise AI applications in their daily operations?

There are several reasons why AI has become commonplace in today's business world.

For one thing, they reduce human error. The most skilled employee will make mistakes eventually, especially when performing repetitive tasks. Also, these systems can handle repetitious, basic jobs that would otherwise require one or more employees. This limits payroll costs and frees up highly-skilled workers to work on more advanced processes. Finally, AI can collect and analyze massive amounts of data, shortening the time necessary to come up with applicable insights.

How are these features useful for marketing? Here is a look at how marketers are using enterprise AI applications.

Using AI to personalize website content

Marketing systems can use AI algorithms to assess many different variables about individual users in a fraction of a second. This ability makes it possible to offer personalized website content. Your website can provide specific offers, content, or pages based on a user's age, location, browsing history, past purchases, and device type.

An application can also collect activity data and use it to select specific offers for future marketing efforts.

Deploying AI applications to enhance customer service

Many customers do not want to wait to speak with a representative when they have a problem or question. Chatbots use AI and natural language processing (NLP) to communicate with customers. The advantage is that chatbots are never busy, so they can respond instantly without putting you on hold. In addition, chatbots are effective enough to handle a majority of complaints and queries without transferring the customer to a human agent.

Deploying these chat applications on your site can reduce customer service costs and eliminate wait times for most customers who need assistance.

Improving conversion rates with AI-powered email sequences

If a website user signs up for an email newsletter or special offers, they are likely already interested in your product or service. Marketers consider these users high-value leads. However, bombarding them with sales emails can turn them off and earn you a spot in their spam folders.

Some enterprise AI applications automatically send customized emails based on a user's data. A tool like this allows you to send personalized offers and content that the user has shown interest in previously. AI email systems can also handle email progressions. Perhaps a company has a well-planned sales pipeline. An AI email program can send messages based on where a user is in the sales pipeline.

Informing key marketing decisions

Companies collect huge amounts of data. However, this information is useless unless it gets organized. Not only can AI-powered analytics tools collect and sift through customer data, but they can visualize the information so that marketers can see relevant points instantly and share them with company decision-makers.

Many marketers have developed techniques that allow them to use data in real-time to adjust campaigns instantly based on available information. This can be extremely useful for reducing wasted costs during pay-per-click or paid search campaigns, which require payment for every user action.

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