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Why Professional Network Security Evaluations Are Necessary

Technology is quickly changing the way people do business. These days, an increasing number of companies are migrating to a digital operations model, with employees interacting remotely and sensitive data being stored on servers and in the cloud. While this has certainly led to increases in productivity across industries, it's also made companies much more susceptible to cyber threats.

Remaining diligent about protecting your network from outside threats is imperative in today's professional environment, which is why so many companies are now requesting professional network security evaluations. These evaluations can help you identify potential lapses in your security protocols, create more effective solutions, and provide numerous other benefits for your business.

Reasons to schedule a professional network security evaluation.

Ensure all of your data is protected.

While this may seem like an obvious reason to request a professional network security evaluation, its importance can't be overstated. Your company's continued success is contingent on keeping your valuable data safe from cyber criminals.

This includes your financial data and accounting software, sales and marketing materials, customer lists, proprietary data and processes, and so much more. A professional evaluation can ensure you have the safeguards you need to keep everything protected.

Avoid unnecessary expenses.

Network breaches can lead to excessive costs that will severely impact a company's bottom line. Sometimes, the fines can be so expensive that they put a company out of business entirely. If your network is breached and sensitive information is stolen, regulators can fine your business, but the costs go well beyond just the fines.

If the breach causes any type of litigation, you'll have to pay expensive legal fees. Plus, there are the costs associated with identifying the breach, removing the threat, restoring your systems, and retraining employees. So, while an evaluation does require an upfront investment, it's one that can save you down the road.

More work is being done remotely.

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the way companies across various industries do business. These days, an increasing number of individuals are now working remotely, bringing their own devices into the office, and relying on cloud-based systems to access critical data and software programs.

While this is great for productivity, it creates numerous new threats for your network. When everything was done in-house and on company equipment, your security team had more control over restricting access and preventing threats. Now, though, you have to worry about all of the other access points. An evaluation can help you understand how to keep the network safe even with this new workflow.

Cyber criminals are adapting.

How people work isn't the only thing that's changing. Hackers are coming up with new, innovative ways to access your network and steal your data. Between threats like malware attacks, ransomware, distributed denial of service, spam, and phishing schemes, there are now numerous ways that an outside source can penetrate your network.

A professional network security evaluation can help you understand how to monitor for these various threats. It will also identify any parts of your security protocols that make you susceptible to an attack and provide proven solutions to bolster your protection and keep your network safe.

When is the last time your company had a professional network security evaluation?

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