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Why Your Enterprise Needs Cloud Unified Communications

Over the past year, businesses and government agencies worldwide scrambled to adapt to sudden work-at-home and remote work situations for their employees and management teams. You’ll benefit from cloud unified communications whether your enterprise is returning to the office or embracing the new normal with your workforce remaining remote for part or all of the workweek.

What are cloud unified communications?

Many businesses put together remote workflow processes, including new and existing communication programs, combining Zoom, Slack, and office messengers. Using such varied systems causes disruptions, confusion, and errors in scheduling or tracking down critical information.

Cloud unified communications bring together all communication streams via a single third-party provider. Tools can include:

  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Call recording
  • Voice over IP services
  • Team collaboration and instant presence

Because they’re cloud-based, you can also operate across devices, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

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How cloud unified communications can help your workforce

For all enterprises with remote and in-person team members, unified communications transform the way you operate. Your company can both save money on premise-based communication software and improve team productivity. Businesses with multiple locations, nationally or internationally, can offer their employees consistent communication tools wherever they’re based.

Get prompt support for your dispersed workforce.

Whatever the communication issue, across any device, the third-party provider can provide fast resolution to technical problems while also offering help during onboarding and training. Instead of disrupting the workday by waiting for in-house IT to resolve technical issues, dedicated customer service provides fast support, even when you have workers across time zones.

Better team collaboration with shared workspaces

Bring together team members in easy-access collaborative workspaces, even if they’re spread across the country or the globe. Teams can work together in real-time or collaborate across time zones. Data is stored securely in the cloud, accessible wherever they need to pick up the project–and from any device.

Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction

Cloud unified communications make it easy for staff to log on and start work wherever they are, without switching between devices or programs within a single work task. A unified communication system can also incorporate the preferred way for your clients and customers to reach you:

  • Voice calls
  • Email
  • Web chats
  • SMS

Customers get more immediate responsiveness because they’re only contacting your company through your preferred channels.

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What unified communication brings to your enterprise

Besides improvements to your workforce, cloud unified communications offer tangible benefits to your company. Change the way your team comes together by using a communication platform that enhances your company’s performance.

  • Never become obsolete: software upgrades happen at regular intervals with minimal disruptions, so you never need to shut down for scheduled updates.
  • Improved disaster recovery: with everything stored on the cloud, you can bounce back faster from data and IT disasters.
  • Get detailed analytics: review quantitative data about how and when your company works.
  • 24/7 managed global support: no matter where your team is working or traveling, they can get instant, expert support.

The ways your team communicates should never take up more of the day than your enterprise’s mission. Give your employees tools that perform as expected, when needed, with cloud unified communications so they can focus on the things that matter.

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